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Huutoro innde maa walla waccoore maa ngam seŋaade e lowre ndee. So a alaa konte, aɗa waawi winnditaade.

Lowe Fulɓe e geese

Onon dariiɓe dadiiɓe ngam tabitinde pulaar e geese, oɗon njettaa njettoor mo alaa ɗo haaɗi! Ɓeydee darnde, yo Alla hokku-on nguurndam haa kaaɓon!

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1. History about fulani's
Hello, I'm looking for some information about fulani's in english. I have to do a presentation for my school work and it is hard to find right and good informations for my work. Can you help me pleas

2. recherche aide
... beau travail que vous faites. j suis étudiante à lucad et j'ai un sujet qui porte sur THE EXPANSION OF FULANI ETHNIC GROUP IN WEST AFRICA c'est à dire L'EXPANSION DE L'ETHNIE PEULE EN AFRIQUE DE ...

3. njettoor
...sabu buri-mi welde heen fof so mbeda winnda so,ebe naamniimami ko binndi ngoni?-mi wi,abe ko:fhulla walla fulani ma peul dum doo ko teddudungal wonan,de bi lenyol ngol.siree soh ho,reejo tabitalpulaag...

4. ms
I am new to this site. My great great grandmother was from Guinea. A Nigerian friend told I look Fulani.I have run my DNA to confirm my Fulani connection. It is so. I am in the USA

5. Fulani Dating
sorry sir if u want to date a fulani girl u have to go to the village and see by the chief of the village and ask for dating a Fulani Girl but not on the Net.

6. fulani dating
I would like to know if there is a fulani dating site.Thank you

7. jango
...nguage.I have always been enchanted with this beautiful and noble people,especially the bororo.Being half fulani from north central Nigeria,I would appreciate to correspond with other pullo from all p...

8. fulani always
Please do not forget all the fulani who were taken from our homelands hundreds of years ago to be brutalize and enslaved by the european. One does not stop being becuase they have been removed from th

9. The Fulani People
The Fulani People The ethnological name Fulani represents the people as a whole based on their origins, whereas the name Fulakunda represents one of the many sub-groupings of the Fulani people. Eac

10. Treibes and Fulani Groups
The Fulani people of West Africa are the largest nomadic group in the world. As a people group they actually contain a large number of people from diverse groups who were conquered and became a par

11. When
...this, and know the importance of learning one's mother tongue. Most Sierra Leoneans, especially the Fulas(Fulani) neglect to a very big extent, the keep their languages alive. Pulaar also known as Ful...

12. Everybody's welcome!
This section is indeed a must as you mentioned Saajo. I am still trying to find contacts in the Nigerian fulani community which is a major Fulani group. Perhaps we might need to search nigerian forums

13. Wise decision
...lish-speaking countries is very big. Take for example Nigeria where we have about 20 million native Fulbe(Fulani), not to forget that of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana and the diaspora... i...

14. TIGILDE KELME: Lewru Juko nduu addii kadi fertunde e tigille!
(Langue et linguistique/Coftal ngaanndi e pije)
Musidɓe Fulɓe, ndado-ɗee! Tigilde men hesere ndee arii, yettiima ɗoo. Ngol-ɗoo laawol kam, soklaani ko miɗo ɓetana-on toosgol mayre, oɗon nganndi mi yiɗaa ko alaa kaata, ko ŋakki &nti

Pulaar Speaking Association ena waawi foofde haŋkadi caggal nde uddaa ñalɗi pinal gadani ɗi fedde ameriknaare ndee yuɓɓini to Sinsinaati ñalnde 3 e ñalnde 3 Siilto 2011

...nde Fulɓe poti faarnoraade. Mi yeewtidii e jaayndiyaŋkooɓe leyɗeele keewɗe ngam anndindeɓe ɗemngal Fulani ngal (Pulaar/Fulfulde) ko janngeteengal, binndeteengal etee jaayndeeji mum ena ngoodi. ...

...gori fooltaade. Alaa maw maw alaa haydara ko nanondiral tan so a wiyi fulfulde walla a wiyi pullar, a wiy fulani, ɓaayde fof joofi ko gedel gootel ngel tan njaben ɗum. Be pecci Afrik pecce  pec...

...gori fooltaade. Alaa maw maw alaa haydara ko nanondiral tan so a wiyi fulfulde walla a wiyi pullar, a wiy fulani, É“aayde fof joofi ko gedel gootel ngel tan njaben É—um. Be p...

19. New Fulfulde dictionary released!
(News/Langue et linguistique Pulaar)
...tries" has been in existence since 1955, engaging in the learning and teaching of the Pulaar (peul, fulani) language.This year, they have succeeded in publishing a comprehensive Pulaar Dictionar...

    Musidɓe, yiɗɓe e daraniiɓe leñol on calminaama kadi tedduɗi e calminaali. Wonndude kadi e yettude-on sahaa kala e darnde mon e gerngal men, sabu ko on arooɓe,

21. Jimɗi Fulɓe Burkinaa, Gine, Maali, Gammbi
(News/Culture et les arts)
...wɓe e worɓe ena kolla en pine Fulɓe Burkinaa e ngol lefol. Lefol 2 Lefol 3 Lefol 4 Lefol 5 Lefol 6 &n...

22. The Fulani society
(Le Monde Peul/Société peule)
People, culture, litteracy

23. Fulani History
(Le Monde Peul/Histoire)
This section is dedicated to articles on our history.

...nt Adamawa, there is some need to present the protagonists of this history. Most important, the Fulbe (or Fulani, Peul, Ful, Fula, Pulla, etc.), the people politically dominant of the region of Adamaw...

25. Literacy courses among the Fulani people - a success
(News/Langue et linguistique Pulaar)
What lessons can we learn ? Last year we met with Mr Boly Salif, Chief of the Fulani in Débé (Sourou province) and a number of women and men of his community. They had expressed kee

26. Les noms sociaux en fulfulde
(Le Monde Peul/Culture Pulaagu)
... Peuls. Abstract Social Names in Fula: An Attempt to Describe the Construction of Social Names among the Fulani. – Social identities among the Fulani are constructed on several grounds. On...

27. English speaking?
(Le Monde Peul/Société peule) is proud to open a section dedicated to English speaking Fulani around the world. We welcome particulartly the young who are born outside their homeland and are finding it hard t

28. L’orthographe et la question dialectale en peul
(News/Langue et linguistique Pulaar)
...ent notre proposition ici sont qu’entre les divers noms de 4a langue peule (pulaar, fulfulde, fula, fulani, peul, etc.), la forme fulfulde est sans doute la plus correcte aux plans morphologique...

29. Origine des Peuls (4 pages)
(Le Monde Peul/Histoire)
..." DE L'ORIGINE EGYPTIENNE DES PEULS", (Aboubacry Moussa LAM, , Paris, Présence Africaine,1993) -- Ce livre est seulement l’une des dernières oeuvres qui essaye

30. Daartol Alkule Pulaar
(News/Langue et linguistique Pulaar)
DAARTOL BINNDI PULAAR Eɓɓo winndude pulaar hecci gawri! Gila dawaa dawi, annduɓe e haralleeɓe ena kuutoro maale ngam toɗɗaade geɗe walla golle keeriiɗe. E ɗemɗe Afrik ɓaŋnge hirnaage, ko

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