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Huutoro innde maa walla waccoore maa ngam seŋaade e lowre ndee. So a alaa konte, aɗa waawi winnditaade.

Lowe Fulɓe e geese

Onon dariiɓe dadiiɓe ngam tabitinde pulaar e geese, oɗon njettaa njettoor mo alaa ɗo haaɗi! Ɓeydee darnde, yo Alla hokku-on nguurndam haa kaaɓon!

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...ŋngiɗi ɓurɗi hannde llollude e kala ko howhowɓe aduna ɓee meeɗi wowlude. Nde anndiraa ko "I have a dream..." (miɗo jogii koyɗol...). Martin Luther King wiyi ñalnde heen &quot...

... haɓotonooɓe ngañamtumaago fayde e ɓalaaɓe. Kaŋnko wowlunoo koŋngol darjungol ngol "I have a dream" (miɗo ɗaminii...). Wonnoo ko o duwantoo leydi makko ko neɗɗo kala yoo ƴe...

...e seriously thinking of moving to another server in weeks to come. Again we apologize to all of you who have been missing our homepage since Friday. Ibraahiima SAAR ...

...The type of education that people get in their own languages is also more practical. “People here have found the confidence and skills to keep accounts and organise themselves,” said Ousma...

5. New Fulfulde dictionary released!
(News/Langue et linguistique Pulaar)
...ince 1955, engaging in the learning and teaching of the Pulaar (peul, fulani) language.This year, they have succeeded in publishing a comprehensive Pulaar Dictionary. The association's branch in ...
27-11-2007 is a Haussa-term) being most common in English.    The Fulbe as a people and their history have been subject to quite a few imaginative theories proposed by Europeans, mainly due to their...

7. Yero Dooro Jallo: fulfulde writer, scholar
(Le Monde Peul/Arts et lettres)
...       Yero Doro Diallo  has died From: Sonja Diallo 10 March 2006 I have the unhappy task of announcing the death of Yero Doro Diallo on Sunday, March 5th, 2006. Ye...

8. Literacy courses among the Fulani people - a success
(News/Langue et linguistique Pulaar)
...tisfied with a system, which does not work for more than 50% of the students, (not including adults who have had primary school or college education – which could skew the score and give a rosie...

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