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Huutoro innde maa walla waccoore maa ngam seŋaade e lowre ndee. So a alaa konte, aɗa waawi winnditaade.

Lowe Fulɓe e geese

Onon dariiɓe dadiiɓe ngam tabitinde pulaar e geese, oɗon njettaa njettoor mo alaa ɗo haaɗi! Ɓeydee darnde, yo Alla hokku-on nguurndam haa kaaɓon!

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Dernière mise à jour : ( 18-08-2007 )

Ecrit par Administrateur, le 18-08-2007 14:26

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Publié dans : Nguurndam Fulɓe, Renndo Fulɓe is proud to open a section dedicated to English speaking Fulani around the world. We welcome particulartly the young who are born outside their homeland and are finding it hard to understand, speak or cope with pulaar and cultural differences with their country of adoption.

This section is for you: send us your news, views and events for easy publication on our website!

Ibraahiima SAAR

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Wise decision

Ecrit par: Saajo Bahkaikai (Invit ) le 26-08-2007 19:42

Thenglish-speaking section is necessary, siply because, the number of Fulbe in English-speaking countries is very big. Take for example Nigeria where we have about 20 million native Fulbe(Fulani), not to forget that of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana and the diaspora... is actually a forum where everyone can see him/herself... 
Come on BANNDIRRABE, let's join hands together for this great job, well-done by people like Ibrahiima Saar... 
[b]Ngal doo catal ko ko hitti wonande Fulbe jeyaabe e leyde haalooje Enngeleere... aree jaa6otiren juude gollen, mawninen ko'e men... On yetttaama


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Everybody's welcome!

Ecrit par: Ibraahiima SAAR (Invit ) le 26-08-2007 20:56

This section is indeed a must as you mentioned Saajo. I am still trying to find contacts in the Nigerian fulani community which is a major Fulani group. Perhaps we might need to search nigerian forums and newsgroups to find about Fulani people interested in the language and the culture. 
If you have any ideas, let me know.


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Treibes and Fulani Groups

Ecrit par: Bouba Mbow (Invit ) le 28-10-2007 22:37

The Fulani people of West Africa are the largest nomadic group in the world. 
As a people group they actually contain a large number of people from diverse groups who were conquered and became a part of the Fulani through the spread of Islam. The original Fulani however are of the North African or middle eastern origin and have lighter skin, thinner lips, and straighter hair. They are known as "white people" to many Africans. The first group of people in West Africa to convert to Islam through jihads, or holy wars, they were able to take over much of West Africa and establish themselves not


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The Fulani People

Ecrit par: Bouba Mbow (Invit ) le 28-10-2007 22:42

The Fulani People 
The ethnological name Fulani represents the people as a whole based on their origins, whereas the name Fulakunda represents one of the many sub-groupings of the Fulani people. Each of the sub-groupings is based on dialect and geographic location.  
The more popular anthropological studies, as well as the obscure oral traditions of the Fulani people, trace their origins to the Ethiopian Empire of Eastern Africa. The people were predominantly nomadic herdsmen of cattle, sheep, and goats. The movements were based upon the availability of food supplies for their herds. Thoug


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Wulaango jamma woppittaake e Gooto!

Ecrit par: Bah Djibril (Invit ) le 24-11-2007 23:36

Caggal nde kebden ngal doo ngerngal pulaar (Site)e demngal pulaar, enen yedbe demde ngendiije afrik, winndiyankoobe walla Almubbe, en ngaa ngaaantu fof! sowanaa yo gooto e men fof addu ballal mum hewde e famdude faade e lenyol ngol. 
Ngaldo geerngal yo laato fuundu almuudo. 
Nyeenye, karallaagal, aadaaji, e Golleeji men. 
Mbaylaandi kiidndi, Caggal woldee (Hareeji)1945, holko njiyda walla nandaa? mate won ko teskidaa? E o yonta karallaagal e nyeenye kese, holkanandudaa walla cikku-daa? Hol wasia ma e oo yonta? Hol ko damida jang


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yo alla wallu

Ecrit par: abou (Invit ) le 02-12-2007 02:00

mi weltiima sanne sanne  
dum doo to taabal mawngal no feewi  
ibrahiima sarr jokku golle  
sabu ada timmi do gonnda do  
yo alla yettin fandaare ma  
Amiin ko miin abou


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fulani always

Ecrit par: bryan (Invit ) le 21-12-2007 15:02

Please do not forget all the fulani who were taken from our homelands hundreds of years ago to be brutalize and enslaved by the european. One does not stop being becuase they have been removed from their home. Once a fulani always a fulani. Even if the tongue has changed the heart is pure. 


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mi salminii kala biyoowo mbiimi

Ecrit par: amadou diagne (Invit ) le 02-01-2008 01:14

mi salmi nii onon darinii6e pulaagu .com mbodo yetta alla golle mon elenul ngol hamin naagii alla nde o rokkat on cella e miijooji moyye haambaa won gollo naade lenol ngol duum noon ko gooto e sukaa6e lenol ngol gondo to usa biteedo abu diagne


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Ecrit par: Saeed (Invit ) le 23-02-2008 09:04

Jam banduna,I would love to know more about pullo culture and language.I have always been enchanted with this beautiful and noble people,especially the bororo.Being half fulani from north central Nigeria,I would appreciate to correspond with other pullo from all parts of the world.


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Ecrit par: saeed (Invit ) le 23-02-2008 09:10

U can email me at


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Thanks a lot Saeed...

Ecrit par: Ibraahiima SAAR (Membre ) le 23-02-2008 13:01

It's good news for us to hear from Nigerian FulBe! One of our goals is to build a bridge between all those remote places where the Fulbe are living. This site is probably the firts step to that unity as it is accessible from all parts of the world. Please do tell people around you about the site as we would like to know more about the fulbe in Nigeria. If you know anybody involved in fulfulde teaching leaning, culture, association, please let them know about!


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fulani dating

Ecrit par: saeed (Invit ) le 25-02-2008 09:23

I would like to know if there is a fulani dating site.Thank you


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Is this a joke?

Ecrit par: Webmaster (Invit ) le 25-02-2008 14:02

This is probably to wrongest place to ask for that kind of information!


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Ecrit par: saeed (Invit ) le 26-02-2008 13:49

I have written a blog on the peulh.Anyone interested can check 
http://jinni- m/


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Fulbe Gathering in Chad

Ecrit par: Mark (Invit ) le 11-03-2008 10:17

I have heard that there is a Fulbe gathering planned in Chad this year. Can you help me with the date and location of this gathering?


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fulbe gathering in chad

Ecrit par: saeed (Invit ) le 11-03-2008 17:26

I would also love to go for the gathering but dont know the date and location.Is it a gerewol or a sharo gathering?


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Ecrit par: momodou A.S. Sowe (Invit ) le 18-03-2008 13:26

Hello everyone, am very glad to come across this wonderful web site of FULAS, may God guide all of us. 
I am a fula writing from The Gambia.


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Ecrit par: Ibrahima SAAR (Invit ) le 18-03-2008 15:13

Thanks a lot pullo from the Gambia and welcome to this site, ours, yours. We are firmly committed to bring the fulfulde langauge a strong presence on the web. What a great opportunity for all fulbe to have a place where to meet, exchange ideas and work together for the development of all Fulbe. 
We would appreciate to have contacts among the Gambians who are literate in pulaar or work in literacy agancies.  
Bye and see you online at as often as possible!!


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Ecrit par: Dwainia (Invit ) le 11-04-2009 05:08

I am new to this site. My great great grandmother was from Guinea. A Nigerian friend told I look Fulani.I have run my DNA to confirm my Fulani connection. It is so. I am in the USA


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long live Pulaar!

Ecrit par: (Membre ) le 01-08-2010 21:36

It's wonderful to be able to read and comment about this site in English. Those fulBe from Eglish speaking African countries who cannot read Pulaar will badly need to be informed in English. Morever they certainly will try to learn or improve their Pulaar. Keep on going! Bacca.


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My Fullani sisters and brothers

Ecrit par: fatmah (Invit ) le 29-08-2010 22:09

Hi there, 
I found this website as I was searching for information about Fullani people. 
My great grandfather moved from Mali to Makkah. In Saudi Arabia we have a huge Fullani community. 
It feels so good to know that everywhere there is sister and brother.


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golle joode

Ecrit par: MNG (Membre ) le 30-10-2010 13:54

Golle mon ne njeebee . odon ngourtini pulaar.Yall nawru on yeesu no nawrudon pulaar o nii


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Ecrit par: hawathiam (Invit ) le 03-04-2011 00:36

mi weltiima sannee e emissiog o


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