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Onon dariiɓe dadiiɓe ngam tabitinde pulaar e geese, oɗon njettaa njettoor mo alaa ɗo haaɗi! Ɓeydee darnde, yo Alla hokku-on nguurndam haa kaaɓon!

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Dernière mise à jour : ( 27-11-2007 )

Ecrit par bahkaikai saajo, le 27-11-2007 17:41

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Publié dans : Les News, Langue et linguistique Pulaar

ImageKawtal Janngooɓe Pulaar (Fulfulde) e Leyɗe Aarab "The Association of Pulaar/Fulfulde Students in Arab Countries" has been in existence since
1955, engaging
in the learning and teaching of the Pulaar (peul, fulani) language.This year, they have

succeeded in publishing a comprehensive Pulaar Dictionary.

The association's branch in Cairo/Egypt, published this dictionary, which

caters to all the different Pulaar dialects,  from West, Central to East Africa. This will help unify the language wider format and will  facilitate the learning of the language for all Pulaar speakers. It will promote more comprehension between Pulaar speakers. Moreover, the dictionary will play a significant role in propelling the language to higher heights, like other internationally recognised languages.
This work should serve as an example for those of us who seem to cater only to the dialect spoken in our part of Fuuta (Fulani homeland). When we write, we seem to forget to give consideration to worldwide Pulaar audiences, and often forget that we are writing for everyone that reads Pulaar. We should try to make at least 80% of Pulaar speakers understand our writings,and the remaining 20% ,they will ask for answers from people or consult dictionaries. Anyone interested in learning the Pulaar language more broadly should purchase this dictionary.
KJPF Cairo branch was formed in 1955 to help reduce the difficulties facing students in those days... They started writing books sine the 70's to the 80's, simply for the love of standing up for the development and advancement of black civilisation as a whole and Fulbe (fulani, peul) civilisation in particular. Chernor Samba Jaamanka, resident in Bordeaux/France, in his article in KNGOL PULAAKU (Pulaaku Voice) magazine, 5th edition, published in France by Tabital Pulaaku, said that he believes PEERAL magazine is probably the first magazine to focus solely on Pulaar language,  Fulbe (Fulani, peul) culture and civilisation.The magazine comes out quarterly and is a product of KJPF Cairo Branch. It's first publication was on January,1979, and the leaders were -may the almighty forgive-Yero Dooro Jallo, AbaaDemmbel Mbooc, Haamidu  Bokar Lih, Alhaj Amadu Bah, Sammba Umar Mbooc, Sammba Haaruuna Sih...
In 1978, all the branches working to develop the Pulaar language in Arab countries united to form one umbrella organisation: Kawtal Jangoo6e Pulaar e  Leyɗe Aarab.The significance of this organisation can be seen all over the  world today. From the formation of Kawtal Janngoo6e Pulaar"Fulfulde" Winndere/International Pulaar "Fulfulde" Students Organisation which can be seen at,to Tabital Pulaaku (Pulaaku  Existene), which will launch it's website this year, by the grace of the Almighty God.

KJPF Cairo branch has published books in a wide variety of subjects, some
of their current works include the following:

_The currection & publication of the Pulaar translation of the Holy Quran
_Teaching non-traditional skills in Pulaar, like computer literacy
_Teaching Pulaar/Fulfulde language & Literature
_Continuing to publish the PEERAL magazine
_The maintenance of KJPF website:
_Following tradition that were practiced before, like competing in
_always publishing a monthly calendar in Pulaar.
_and to link-up with outside organisations in order to help exchange
and solutions in furthering the task at hand.

Anyone interested in buying the new Saggitorde (DICTIONARY), or has ideas on how to develop our culture, or help with money,  should contact our brothers and sisters at e-mail: Cet e-mail est protégé contre les robots collecteurs de mails, votre navigateur doit accepter le Javascript pour le voir or call their leader at

May the Almighty God sustain, guide, watch over and protect all those who stood up for the development of our African languages, the black people and cultures.
May He continue to guide us.Peace.

Translated by: Algasimu Bah/USA

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Tags : News, Langue et linguistique Pulaar, New Flfulde dictionary released!

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Affiche 11 de 11 commentaires

Great work, pulaar is on the move!

Ecrit par: admin (Membre ) le 27-11-2007 17:54

Thanks a lot Saajo and Alghaasimu for this article in both pulaar and English. I think now I am gonna have to do the work for the francophone community, although I am quite "overboked" right now!! 
Long live to our great lanuage and to all African language!


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Ecrit par: Umaar Li (Invit ) le 02-12-2007 05:24

Golle mon paayodini, min mbeltiima kaaɗdi mbeltoor.  
Yo Alla sellin doole. 
Umaar Li to Kanada


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How can i have one of this book

Ecrit par: BALDE ALPHA Mamoudou (Invit ) le 05-12-2007 14:23

Al hamdulillahi , laatikè pulaaku woni è deftèrè , 
Mo no faalaa hebhudè ndè deftèrè ,ko honno haray latorta ? 


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Noddu maa winndaa...

Ecrit par: saajo bahkaikai (Invit ) le 12-12-2007 17:01

All you need is to write the e-mail address mentioned above i.e, or call the current KJPF association Mr. Umar Jalloh +20129783362. 
Min weltike fota, si a noddii tun o jaaboto ma, neldaa kaalisi o nelde emmbere defte ko faaladaa, a jaaraama fota yo Balde Mamadu Alfa.


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Thanks For this wonderful news

Ecrit par: Ganndo Ganni (Invit ) le 28-12-2007 08:22

Thanks for informing us about the new Dictionary. 
We pray to Allah the Almighty to reward them for their good dids.I think it would been very nice if you give more specific detail on the dictionary.Such as how many pages is the dictionary;how many words and entries are there in it.ext.What differentiate this dictionary from the others.  
Please comment on this specific points. 


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Review of the dictionary....

Ecrit par: Ibraaahiima SAAR (Membre ) le 28-12-2007 10:36

Thanks for mentioning that. I think it is indeed important to give details. I have been wating to receive a copy from Caito for a while... I will write a review as soon as I get my copy... 
Please visit this page again from time to time... bye


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Thanks for your work

Ecrit par: marju (Invit ) le 29-12-2007 14:38

Mi weltike fota fi gooleemon. 
Saajo Bahkaika a jaaraama fota fi aandingollan


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Marju a wltanaama fota an e sugu maa...

Ecrit par: Saajo (Membre ) le 31-12-2007 14:31

Himen weltani maa fota sabu cuucal maa ngal e yid`ugol wallitaade en e dillere nde kafud`en nden. Nyannde goo en jannginay haala Pulaar e Afrik fow teentinii ka men Sira Liyon. Haa jooni men yejjitaali ballal maa ngal nyannde Tummbondiral Tabital Pulaaku ngal Brusel. 
Jokken golle wota en haa6u haa poomaa. Med`en hoolori sugu maa fota, ko wonaa seed`a, hella ka miijooji e jowe (comments), maa pehe. Hara on yejjitaali wonde hid`on waawi neldugol winndand`e mon e Enngeleere, e kala haala ka winndud`on, men saakitay men fira kadi e Pulaar. 
Lowre nden ko lowre men en fow. 
A jaaraama.


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Ecrit par: ADIB TIDJANI (Invit ) le 13-11-2009 20:58

        


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Ecrit par: TIDJANI ADIB (Invit ) le 14-11-2009 21:42

min TIDJANI ADIB haa MEIGANGA lesdi cameroun mi seyorke bee kongol pulaaku ALLAH tabitine siwtee jam.


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Ecrit par: aliyu umar (Invit ) le 11-11-2011 19:58

Allahamdu biten kade junkam fulfulde fu no gotun, jonkam sai kauten ballen pulaku. Mihin dun ha laide nigeria. Hude dun weli an sanni.


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Affiche 11 de 11 commentaires

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